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It’s all about relationships: Reflections from Eval 2014

Evaluation Musings 2014 It was this time last year that I started blogging. I blame it all on @clysy…..I read one of Chris’s blogs and started following his cartoons. Through his Eval Central feed, I stumbled across other evaluators that were blogging. This reignited my inner creative writer I buried long ago in high school. When I returned home from EVAL 2013, I wrote My first blog and kept writing. I don’t write often. I try for once a month or so; mainly I write when an idea strikes me. 

So continuing, how I got stated blogging, this blog is about reflections from EVAL 2014. Sometimes when I go to our annual conference, I leave with specific ideas or new skills I want to explore. Returning from Denver, from what was a very busy EVAL 2014, I seem to have mainly disjointed thoughts … [Read more...]