Drug Free Coalition of Hall County

The Drug Free Coalition (DFC) of Hall County was established in 2007 as a workgroup of the Hall County Family Connection Network. In 2008, the coalition received SAMHSA funding to address underage alcohol, marijuana, prescription drug, and tobacco use in the community. The DFC’s goal was to use data-driven prevention strategies to reduce substance abuse among Hall County youth and adults, while also building coalition capacity to ensure sustainability beyond grant funding.

Evaluation Solution
As the evaluation consultant for the life of the grant, CES was able to provide recommendations for program development, implementation, and evaluation. CES participated in the strategic planning process, developed logic models and evaluation plans annually, and evaluated media campaigns.
As a SAMHSA-funded DFC, Hall County was required to report on four core measures: 1) past 30-day use, 2) perception of harm, 3) perception of peer disapproval, and 4) perception of parent disapproval. CES tracked these measures over the ten-year grant period for Gainesville City and Hall County Schools and created a dashboard that was embedded on the DFC website.

According to Georgia Student Health Survey results, past 30-day use of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs has decreased in middle and high schools in Hall County and Gainesville City. Perception of adult and peer disapproval with regards to alcohol use has increased in middle and high schools county-wide. The DFC’s prevention efforts will be sustained by the Partnership for Drug Free Hall.

Client Testimonial
“Ann Price has worked with Center Point in regard to our Alcohol Prevention Project funded by the State Department of Behavior Health. The evaluation process is crucial to the project. Ann has helped in a process that can be confusing. Although we had the desire to evaluate our effectiveness, we did not have the background. It is Ann’s expertise that has given us survey tools that are valuable. Her analysis of data and presentation of such through Power Point is not only understandable but useful with stakeholders”
-Judy Brownell, Project Director

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