Association of State Public Health Nutritionists

Community Issue

The Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN) aims to strengthen nutrition policy, programs and environments for all people through development of public health nutrition leaders and collective action of members nationwide. In 2014, ASPHN contracted with CES to serve as the external evaluator for their CDC-funded Cooperative Agreements and Workforce Development Program.

Evaluation Solution

As part of ASPHN’s Workforce Development Program, CES developed assessments through which participants could provide feedback for program improvement. During the last half of the Workforce Development Program evaluation, CES developed an evaluation plan to accompany ASPHN’s strategic plan and we are currently in the process of carrying out that plan. By reviewing process data worksheets, developing and administering surveys for members and partners, and analyzing all of the data available, CES provided a comprehensive evaluation of ASPHN’s Workforce Development Program.


As a long-term client, CES has helped ASPHN increase their evaluation capacity. ASPHN has leveraged past evaluation findings resulting in improved outcomes, clarification of strategies and activities, and increased funding.

Client Testimonial

“The CES team is responsive, competent, easy and pleasant to work with, and they always meet deadlines. I’m impressed that whatever we ask of CES they deliver – writing the evaluation section in a grant application, conducting a comprehensive evaluation of a 5-year grant after coming in at the end of the five years, developing an evaluation plan for the association’s strategic plan, and evaluating our association’s annual meeting are just a few of the evaluation activities they have done for our nonprofit organization.”

-Karen Probert, Executive Director

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