Drug Free Coalition of Hall County


The Drug Free Coalition of Hall County, founded in 2007, is a SAMHSA-funded Drug Free Community. The Hall County coalition is a diverse group of community leaders, parents, and youth that work to prevent alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and prescription drug use/abuse. CES has been the contracted external evaluator since the beginning. Initially, we worked with the coalition to develop the infrastructure that forms the building blocks of a healthy coalition. We helped the DFC develop substance-specific program logic models with a focus on systemic community change. CES worked with the coalition as they developed their strategic plan and tied goals to measurement. CES advises the coalition on measuring the core substance abuse measures and secondary data and manages these data systems. CES lead the development of the data dashboard which is accessible on the coalition’s website www.faceitpeople.org. As the coalition moves into its second funding cycle, we will be revising the evaluation plan to link the coalition’s environmental change with key outcomes.


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