How to Overcome your FEAR of Evaluation

What are you most afraid of?

For me, it definitely heights.

For my husband, its bees or anything that buzzes or remotely sounds like a bee.

For some nonprofit and community leaders, what they fear most is evaluation. Sometimes, there are good reasons for that fear. Some nonprofit leaders have told me about their bad experiences with evaluation (evaluation reports that were too long, didn’t answer their questions, made no sense to them, or were not actionable).

Here are some common objections I have heard from some community leaders about their reluctance to participate in evaluation.

  • I am not a “data person.”
  • I hate Logic Models.
  • I don’t “speak” evaluation.
  • I don’t want to have our program judged.
  • Evaluation takes money from programs.

A profound fear of evaluation is often at the core of these objections.

Let’s go through these together objections one by one.

Ready to face your fears? Click here.


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