Love what you do?

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Sunday, Sheila Robinson, AEA blog coordinator extraordinaire published her weekly blog in honor of Valentine’s Day about evaluators who LOVE evaluation.

Although I didn’t make her list, I LOVE evaluation too and here are five reasons why:

1. I love being out in small communities with community members who are working to make their communities better. It’s messy and confusing and sometimes chaotic. I love to help them navigate the confusion, look at their local data and find a way forward that suits them.
2. I love that there is something new to do every day. Nothing ever goes as planned (as hard as we work on evaluation plans) and I kind of love that too.
3. I love when community leaders see us as partners in evaluation rather than outsiders doing evaluation “to them.”
4. I love trying to figure out how to communicate results to our clients using interesting, engaging reports with data visualization that gets them excited about their work.
5. I love sharing what we know, but just as much, I love learning from our clients every day.

When I get tied to my desk, and find I am bored or feel unmotivated, I make sure I get out into communities. That always energizes me and reminds me why I do what I do. Wishing you work that you love too.