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How to Choose an Evaluator

For many people, evaluation is something to fear or perhaps just tolerated. Many program managers have no idea how to choose an evaluation consultant. What should you look for in an evaluator? 1) Look for someone who is a member of the American Evaluation Association. AEA members subscribe to professional standards with regard to the quality of their work. 2) Look for someone who can "speak" the language of your program and has good oral and written communication skills. 3) Look for someone who has good research skills but who also has the ability to communicate at the grassroots level. 4.) Look for someone who has good technical skills in data management and data analysis. 5) Look for someone who will work in partnership with program stakeholders to design useful and … [Read more...]

W. K. Kellogg Logic Model Development Guide

http://www.wkkf.org/knowledge-center/resources/2006/02/WK-Kellogg-Foundation-Logic-Model-Development-Guide.aspx … [Read more...]

Alcohol and the Teen Brain

The brain goes through change during adolescence (ages 12 to 21) and alcohol can seriously damage its long- and short-term growth processes. In fact, it is common for youth who drink to have a significant reduction in learning and memory. Teen users are most susceptible to damaging two key brain areas that are undergoing dramatic change in adolescence—the hippocampus and the prefrontal area. centerpointga.org 770- 535- 1050 … [Read more...]

Western Michigan Evaluation Checklist

http://www.wmich.edu/evaluation/checklists … [Read more...]

The Community Toolbox

http://ctb.ku.edu/en/default.aspx … [Read more...]

Resource Book for Program Evaluation

We highly recommend The Manager’s Guide to Program Evaluation: Planning, Contracting, and Managing for Useful Results by Paul W. Mattessich, Ph.D. Published by the Wilder Research Center, Dr. Mattessich book explains the basics of program evaluation for nonprofit managers. Topics include: program evaluation, types of evaluation information, phases of an evaluation study, staffing and costs for evaluation, and guidelines for using evaluation findings. … [Read more...]

American Evaluation Association

The American Evaluation Association is the premier professional association for evaluators. Members ascribe to a code of ethical principals and guidelines.  AEA offers professional development to members and resources for those seeking evaluation assistance. www.eval.org … [Read more...]

Want to learn how to tell your program’s story?

Communicating your program's results is key in this resource competitive world. Understanding your stakeholder's needs and the specific type of information they need is the first step. CES offers training on telling your program's story. Ann Price also co-authored Impact and Value: Telling Your Program's Story which is available as a free download. Click here to access the workbook: http://www.cdc.gov/oralhealth/publications/library/success_stories_wkbk.htm … [Read more...]

Dr. Fetterman’s well received op-ed piece about evaluation, nonprofits, and sequestration.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy just released Dr. Fetterman's  article titled In these Uncertain Times, Charities Need a Survival Plan.   … [Read more...]

CES’s Evaluation of Healthcare Georgia Foundation’s Capacity Building Project

Results Matter: Capacity Building Project Strengthens Health Nonprofits in Georgia … [Read more...]