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Program Design

CES works with you to design relevant and effective community-based programs. We use research on best practices, community needs assessments, key informant interviews, and other similar tools to accomplish this.  

Program Development

We see program development and program evaluation as complimentary processes. Ideally, both should be considered at the beginning of a program. Whatever your program’s stage of development, we offer a range of services to help you meet your prevention goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help you develop your program capacity!  

Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation is an essential program management tool.

CES assists you in the entire process by:

  • Developing a logic model
  • Identifying essential evaluation questions
  • Developing or obtaining appropriate and valid measures
  • Designing a data management system
  • Cleaning, analyzing and reporting data
  • Communicating evaluation results

Data Management

CES designs a complete data management system for all your process and outcome goals. We primarily use SPSS, but can also assist you with Access and web-based data collection. If your technology is limited, we can design your data system using Excel.  

Training Programs

We have presented nationally on a variety of evaluation topics. In order to make the most of your investment in evaluation, your staff needs to have basic evaluation training. CES provides training on basic evaluation, developing a logic model, evaluation planning, data collection, and topics of your choosing. We can tailor the training to meet the needs of your staff from 2 hours to all day, intensive hands-on workshops. Call us today to plan your training program!

Our Approach

The evaluation team will use a participatory, utilization-focused evaluation approach. This means that the program evaluation is designed with the goal of producing information that can be used to improve the functioning of the program.

Capability Statement

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