What happens after the storm?

My happy place.

The beach is the one place in the world I can totally relax. What is your happy place?

My family just got back from a week-long stay on St. George Island. We were supposed to go in May, but back then we thought the world was ending, so we moved our trip to August. Who knew at the time, the death rate from the pandemic would be so much worse?

This picture was taken after an afternoon storm, a pretty common event during summer afternoons in Florida.

This year has been one storm after another. I am not sure what your family has gone through this year, but our year started with the unexpected death of my brother-in-law in March.

From COVID-19, to economic hardship, to the increasing unrest in our cities after the killing of unarmed black men and women, to the toxic political culture. It’s all so, so much.

Strangely, I am more determined than ever to make a difference in the world. One of our readings from yesterday (Jeremiah 20:7-9) resonates with me. I couldn’t stay silent even if I wanted to.

What about you?

In the next few months, CES will be rebranding. Our tagline is Partnering for Social Change and we intend to live up to it. We will be more intentional about our client relationships, focusing on nonprofits and foundations who share our commitment for systemic change.

For the last six weeks, I have held office hours for new evaluators, offering whatever advice I can as they start their consulting businesses. If you are reading this, perhaps you have joined our meetings. If you haven’t and would like to, please send me an email.

Now a question for you. Have you ever been engaged in a conversation with someone but you just didn’t feel equipped to offer a coherent counter-argument? That’s how I feel! So, as part of our shift, I am in the process of planning a new podcast. The podcast will feature people doing the work of social change. We will focus on facts and the stories behind them. I am going to explore the things I want to know more about and I bet, they include things that just might interest you too. There is so much I don’t know! On any given day, I feel excited and terrified at the same time. Can you do me a favor though? Help me name the podcast and send me some ideas of things you want to learn about. Send me your ideas at aprice@communitityevaluationsolutions.com.

Until we can meet again in person, sending you virtual hugs.

—- Ann